Yes, Ruben Diaz, Pretty Girls Do Things Like Fight For Their Reproductive Freedom

You’ll never believe the encouraging words Diaz had for a young citizen activist trying to participate in the democratic process (via the New York Observer):

"Senator Diaz Sr. must have known I was with Planned Parenthood from the t-shirt I was wearing with the logo and asked me how such a pretty girl could volunteer with Planned Parenthood," she writes. "I was speechless! I mean, what would you say if a State Senator asked you that?"


“Black and Hispanic communities should no longer be plagued with abortion clinics like Dr. Emily’s…. We continue to work and pray for an end to the deliberate killing of Bronx children at Dr. Emily’s.”

- Yes, Ruben Diaz said this in advertising his planned protest at Dr. Emily’s Clinic, a reproductive health care faciliy in his district. Ruben Diaz, limiting choice through shame and stigma, one woman at a time.