“Abortion is the American Holocaust. I want to compare Adolf Hitler and the holocaust to what is happening to abortion in America”

- Yes, Ruben Diaz said this in a speech about stem cell research.


Yes, Ruben Diaz, Pretty Girls Do Things Like Fight For Their Reproductive Freedom

You’ll never believe the encouraging words Diaz had for a young citizen activist trying to participate in the democratic process (via the New York Observer):

"Senator Diaz Sr. must have known I was with Planned Parenthood from the t-shirt I was wearing with the logo and asked me how such a pretty girl could volunteer with Planned Parenthood," she writes. "I was speechless! I mean, what would you say if a State Senator asked you that?"


“This bill’s intent is clearly to criminalize peaceful pro-life witness in front of abortion clinics, and moreover, to deny women a loving alternative to abortion.”

- Yes, Ruben Diaz said this about New York City’s Clinic Access Bill, which made it illegal to harass someone or place them in fear of physical harm within 15 feet of an abortion clinic, aka Diaz’s idea of a “loving alternative to abortion.” Yeah, it’s pretty clear how this bill really put a cramp in Diaz’s style.

“I marched with the late John Cardinal O’Connor in rosary processions outside abortion clinics, and I have prayed with my ministers in front of them. Hopefully our prayer and peaceful protest has made a difference in some lives.”

- Yes, Ruben Diaz said this in reference to the Clinic Access Bill. Hate to break it to you Ruben, but the difference you’re making in women’s lives is of the bothering, harassing, making-a-difficult-decision-nearly-impossible variety.

“As the President of the New York Hispanic Clergy Organization and an Evangelical Minister, I have always opposed and will oppose the killing of unborn babies, especially the grisly procedure of “partial-birth abortion,” done throughout the ninth month of pregnancy.”

- Yes, Ruben Diaz said this, in what he considered to be a condolence statement about the murder of abortion provider Dr. George Tiller. Why does phrasing such as “grisly” “killing of unborn babies” make us question Diaz’s true level of sympathy for the murder of Dr. Tiller?

“I’m the most conservative Democrat in the city… I am anti-gay marriage, I am anti-abortion and I’m for prayer in schools And I will not slow down on those things.”

- Yes, Diaz said this to the Daily News, defending his comparison between abortion and the Holocaust. Perhaps not the most convincing defense.

“Black and Hispanic communities should no longer be plagued with abortion clinics like Dr. Emily’s…. We continue to work and pray for an end to the deliberate killing of Bronx children at Dr. Emily’s.”

- Yes, Ruben Diaz said this in advertising his planned protest at Dr. Emily’s Clinic, a reproductive health care faciliy in his district. Ruben Diaz, limiting choice through shame and stigma, one woman at a time.

“Since that day of infamy, January 22nd 1973, every year there are approximately 1.5 million abortions in America. In thirty two (32) years, at the rate of 4,000 abortions each day, we have killed and slaughtered 48 million unborn American citizens.”

- Yes, Ruben Diaz said this about Roe v. Wade, showing that one person’s libratory turning point in the history of women’s rights is another person’s day of infamy.